The names of two outsiders is connected with the disclosure of the Lake at Nainital. one among them G. W. Traill, Commissioner of Kumaon and Garhwal, was the first European to ascertain it in 1823. By the by, the lake had been known for an extended while to herders from towns accessible and held in incredible adoration as a dwelling place of divine beings and spirits.
NAINITAL TOURISM: HISTORY OF NAINITAL G. W. Traill had incredible regard for the conventions and convictions of the slope people. In his mind, groups would abuse the holiness of the spot and therefore the lake, so he kept the revelation of the Nainital Lake carefully to himself.

Then again, Mr. P. Barron, a eu shipper and an excited tracker from Rosa, close Shahjahanpur, had no sooner gotten a quick check out the lake in its woody setting than he understood its potential as a slope resort and went full steam a colonizing it. Mr.P.Barron was the second European who took extraordinary extravagant to the present land. Moved by the magnificence of the shining lake he stated: “It is by an extended shot the simplest site I even have seen over the span of a 1,500 miles trek within the Himalayas”
It was 1839. Barron first received the lake through a stunt, a reality referenced in his book Wanderings within the Himalayas. He knew there was a huge lake within the core of Kumaon. He likewise realized that nearby aides intentionally deluded Europeans who wished to travel there, so on stay quiet about the world. Sufficiently sure, Barron’s guide announced he had never known about the lake, at which Barron assail the guide’s head an enormous stone and advised him to convey it till they found out the way to discover the lake. He said there have been supposedly no stones on the brink of the lake and he required to return to fabricate a house.
Frantic to be freed of the heap, the guide soon admitted he realized the lake all around ok and there was no shortage of stones within the overall zone. Barron says that different Europeans likewise turned to an identical stunt till such time that Nainital found a spot on the guide.
On his subsequent visit, Barron showed signs of improvement of an area thokdar (town headman) Nar Singh who had made a case for the lake and therefore the encompassing slopes as his familial property. the difficulty was a pending settlement in court. Barron convinced Nar Singh to travel with him for a ride on the lake in his (Barron’s) own private pontoon, an irregularity some time past. within the lake, Barron took steps to agitate the pontoon if Nar Singh didn’t forgo his case, subsequently conceding the privilege of the great Company Bahadur to the contested land.
Nar Singh had no answer for, in contrast to the others, he was unable to swim. He composed the needful in pencil on the page of a wallet gave by Barron. Strategic, Barron speedily applied for a plot to create a house.
The land was apportioned for the rationale simply over this Nainital Club at a yearly rent of two annas! Here, Barron developed the house Pilgrim Lodge, his nom de plume being Pilgrim. The house stands right up ’til this time.
Nainital was Jim Corbett’s home for several years. Though Nainital had expanded and therefore the surrounding forests that when teemed with bears, tigers, and deer, the soul remains an equivalent. Nestled within the serene and peaceful hamlet of lovely lakes and mountains, watch the sunrise and set over the mountains of Nainital. Move across the ravines and valleys, and see localized weather patterns appear over the upper peaks as winds are driven upward.
Blessed with picture-perfect and varied natural resources.
The Nainital town became the summer headquarters of the colonial administration of the province. it had been a well-liked retreat for the residents of the plains.
Being fashionable British, the town developed a British character with several European schools, barracks, a sanatorium, and a racecourse, of which this is often a view.
Nainital is one among the simplest hill stations in India fenced with green hills, old cottages, and internet of strolling streets. The town is legendary for its various natural attractions and thanks to its favorable climate all year round. Nainital’s charm includes everything from boating and sailing to old temples and heritage buildings, and in fact, scenic views at every step. All of this adds up to the list of places to go to in Nainital that you simply just can’t miss.
So just plan a refreshing getaway to Nainital this summer and have the simplest time while exploring these significant places that are amongst the foremost popular attractions in Nainital for visitors
Why is it Best to Visit 29 places in Nainital?


1. Naini Lake – Lifeline Of Nainital

One of the foremost popular tourist attractions in Nainital and its heart – Naini Lake reflects the color of lovely surroundings. The lake may be pear-shaped, attracts many tourists who come and luxuriate in boating, yachting or paddling within the lake. One can explore the lake from one end to a different watching dynamic and peaceful views of the sunset. The lake is surrounded by seven verdant hills and steals the guts of many!
2. Naini Peak – Highest Peak In Nainital
The Naini Peak gives a magnificent bird’s eye view of the snow-capped Himalayas and a superb view of the Nainital city. Also referred to as Cheena Peak or China Peak, the height is legendary for trekking and horse riding in Nainital. awaken a touch early within the morning and climb up to the present peak for a mesmerizing view of the sunset you’ll always remember, as a plus point the gang during this point is nearly nill so you’ll enjoy peace within the lap of nature.
3. Tiffin Top – Views Of The Quaint Hill Town
Also referred to as Dorothy Seat which may be a stonework perch on the Tiffin Top inbuilt memory of painter Dorothy Kellet, this viewpoint offers breathtaking views of the Himalayas and Nainital. It provides splendid views of the town. Perched at a height of 2290 meters, Tiffin Top may be a famous picnic spot in Nainital.
4. The Mall Road – plaza
The Mall Road is amongst the simplest places for shopping in Nainital. A shopaholic’s paradise, one could stroll here for hours. The road has many street shops, shopping centers, banks, hotels, restaurants, and more. this is often an ideal tourist hub as has everything a tourist wants, with an ideal backdrop! On your trip to Nainital, just don’t let this place get missed in the least costs.
5. Snow View Point – Oldest Viewpoint
Of the various tourist places in Nainital, the oldest Snow Viewpoint may be a must-visit. the point of view offers mesmerizing views of the snow-clad peaks of the majestic Himalayan range. the height is connected by motorable roads and an aerial ropeway. most of the people also prefer to trek to the purpose and luxuriate in the views of snow-capped hills like Nanda Kot and Nanda Devi. Don’t worry about anything as there’s quick access to shops, tea, and snacks here, which makes it one among the simplest places to go to in Nainital in 2 days.
6. Nainital Zoo – Pt. Govind Ballabh Pant Zoo
The zoo contains several exotic and species of animals and birds which are native to the present region. Spot ounce, Hill Fox, Siberian Tiger, palm cat Cat, Wolf, muntjac, Himalayan Black Bear, White peacock and lots of more species here. Since it’s nestled at an altitude of 2100 meters, various birds and animals have made it their beloved habitat. Being such a blissful destination, the Nainital Zoo is one among the simplest tourist places in Nainital.
7. Raj Bhawan – Governor’s House
Built for the Governor of North West Province, it’s currently the residence of the Governor of Uttarakhand and is one among the foremost luxe places to go to in Nainital. Its Gothic-style architecture was inspired by Buckingham Palace . this is often the second Raj Bhawan of Uttarakhand and features manicured gardens, where you’d like to take a stroll.
8. Naina Devi Temple – an area For Introspection
Naina Devi temple rests over the banks of Naini Lake and may be a popular place to ascertain in Nainital in May & June. it’s believed that Goddess Sati’s eyes fell at the precise same spot where this temple stands, which attracts an excellent number of devotees. The temple is situated at the highest of Naina Hill. this is often one among the foremost popular temples in Nainital.
9. Bhimtal Lake – A Serene Lake
Amongst the various lakes, Bhimtal is one among the foremost serene places to go to near Nainital. the space Bhimtal to Nainital is around 24 km which will be covered in an hour. it had been named after the legendary Bhima of Maharashtra. The lake is beautifully centered amidst green mountains and alittle island at its centre. Bhimtal offers splendid views of nature. Don’t forget to travel for boating in Bhimtal while exploring the world.
10. Eco Cave Gardens – A Picturesque Garden
One of the simplest places to go to in Nainital, the Eco Cave Gardens are a fascination for tourists, especially for youngsters. The park comprises of seven caves which may be reached through a narrow and winding road. Eco Cave Gardens are among the simplest spots to hang out with family, where everyone can relax and unwind amidst the natural surroundings.
11. Binayak – an exciting Spot
One of the foremost famous trekking spots in the Himalayas for tourists visiting Nainital, Binayak offers fantastic trails. If you’re keen on hiking, Binayak is one among the simplest places to go to near Nainital wherein you’ll walk amidst the towering pine trees and unwind.


12. Gurney House – Colonial Magnificence
Gurney home is a historic building located in the Nainital district and is one among the simplest tourist places in Nainital in December. Now a luxury resort, this former residence of the hunter-conservationist and writer Corbett, this colonial beauty is found right next to the Nainital Lake, offering spectacular views of the lake and its lush surroundings.
13. Sattal – Lakes, Pines, And Hills
One of the simplest places to go to in Nainital in 2 days, Sattal Lake or Sat Tal is an interconnected group of seven freshwater lakes tucked away within the Lower Himalayan Range. it’s located near the town of Bhimtal of the Nainital district in Uttarakhand. they’re the foremost splendid lakes near Nainital surrounded by the Himalayan peaks amid a fantastic assembly of pine and oak forests and dotted by colonial bungalows and artistic churches. No wonder this village is named the ‘Lake District of India’!
14. Hanuman Garhi – Under The Shadow Of Lord Hanuman
Built-in 1950, this hillside Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman offers sunrise & sunset views. one among the highest Nainital attractions, the Hanuman Garhi was established by Baba Neem Karauli with a gorgeous statue of Lord Hanuman at the highest that draws visitors from far away. Located at an altitude of 6,401 ft above water level, it gives magnificent views of the sunset, besides being an enthralling place for travelers to enjoy a leisurely walk.
15. Jeolikot – Gateway To Naini Lake
Jeolikot is one among the simplest places to go to in Nainital in 3 days. Located at an altitude of 1,219 meters, Jeolikot is popularly referred to as a ‘gateway to Naini Lake’. This place that features a spread of flora and butterfly species, is maintained by the horticulture department. The pleasant climate and, opportunities for nature walks and adventure activities make it an excellent holiday spot. The landscape characterized by streams forest, mainly of pine trees makes it a picturesque location for photographers too.
16. Land’s End – Stunning Views Of Khurpa Tal
Land’s End is one among the foremost popular tourist places in the Nainital district. Located near Barapathar in Nainital, Land’s End may be a viewpoint situated at an altitude of 2118 meters above water level. This place provides a spectacular view of the gorgeous Khurpa Tal and therefore the plains. The lake, surrounded by village settlements and pine forests looks wonderful from the highest. The curiosity-generating name, ‘Land’s End’ is apt for this place because it is originally a cliff.
17. Himalayan View Point – Witness The Majestic Himalayas
Located just 5 km from Nainital, the astonishing view from the Himalayan View Point are some things you only cannot afford to miss. this is often an area from where you’ll see the mighty Himalayan Ranges. this is often one among the simplest places to go to near Nainital. Come over here together with your DSLRs to capture the right shots of World’s youngest mountains.
18. Khurpa Taal – enjoys Fishing
Khurpa Taal has got to get on the list of places to go to in Nainital and around. Just 12 km far away from Nainital, Khurpa Taal is one among the foremost gorgeous lakes in Uttarakhand located at an elevation of 5500 feet. Featuring tall trees and azure waters, this lake is one among the foremost picturesque places near Nainital. Khurpa Taal has seafood in abundance and therefore the water in it’s crystal clear due to which it’s also a perfect spot for fishing. this is often one among the less explored places to go to neat Nainital.
19. Corbett park – A Retreat Amidst Wilderness
Jim Corbett Park is one among the famous places to ascertain in Nainital. Corbett Safari attracts travelers and nature enthusiasts from various corners of the country. Situated at a distance of 4 km from Ramnagar railroad station, and 65 km from Nainital, it’s India’s oldest and hottest national parks. due to its location within the Himalayan low lands, many streams flow through the park, supporting the various vegetation which is home to around 50 species of trees, 580 bird species and 25 reptile species and tigers.
20. Kainchi Dham – Seek Your Blessings
A religious pilgrimage center located at Kainchi on the Nainital, it’s one among the foremost famous temples in Nainital and amongst top places to go to in Nainital. It’s a powerful shrine which is legendary for the Hanuman mandir and attracts thousands of devotees from all around the country per annum.
21. Naukuchia Taal – within the Lap Of Nature
A picturesque lake situated in Nainital, it’s 175-ft deep and amongst the deepest lakes in Nainital which is surrounded by lush greenery and gorgeous terrain. The lake makes for a perfect spot to mesmerize the scenic beauty and spend each day out amidst nature because it is one among the highest Nainital tourist spots.
22. Sariyatal – For Absolute Calm & Serenity
Sariyatal is amongst the foremost pristine water bodies of Nainital, it’s a little lake that is fed by a gorgeous stream surrounded by lush green and a picturesque landscape. Sariyatal is additionally famous for the Himalayan arboretum that features a variety of rare species of native plants. it’s also one of the famous places in Nanital that one cannot afford to miss.
23. Pangot & Kilbury aviary – A Bird Watcher’s Paradise
A bird watcher’s paradise, this aviary won’t feature within the list of top wildlife sanctuaries in Uttarakhand. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s home to quite 580 species of birds, with glorious nature around at an altitude of 2528 m. it’s definitely one among the simplest tourist places to ascertain in Nainital. Kilbury is surrounded by lush green forests of oak, pine, and rhododendron.
24. Lover’s Point – A viewpoint With Scenic Views
1.5 km beyond Eco Cave Garden lies a Lover’s Point where couples visit to enjoy moments of solitude. The viewpoint offers some amazing views of the valley making it one of the favored Nainital tourist places. So, whether you’re a few or not, you ought to visit this place. However, families should refrain from visiting this place due to apparent reasons. you’ll go further to Tiffin Top from this place which comes within the list of top Nainital sightseeing places. There are cars and horses available.
25. Corbett Falls – A Beauty within the Wild
Corbett Falls is located inside Corbett park and is one of the simplest waterfalls near Nanital. So, if you happen to require a detour into the wilderness, find your thanks to the falls because sources have it that it’s beautiful and is one among the favored Nainital tourist places. aside from getting splash within the falls, you’ll also get an in-depth encounter with wild animals like tigers, elephants, deer, boar, etc.
26. Ramgarh – an ideal Place For Quietude
Ramgarh may be a quaint hilly getaway, just 22 km far away from Nainital. If you would like to urge faraway from all the hustle-bustle of the tourists in Nainital, then you ought to take refuge in Ramgarh. It lies on the thanks to Mukteshwar where you’ll find old bungalows straight from the colonial era. Famous poets like Swami Rabindranath Tagore and Narain Swami took refuge here to figure on their writing. So, you’ll imagine the impact this place has on people.
27. Peora – A Hill Station In Kumaon Hills
If you’re trying to find a tourist place near Nainital within 100 km, then Peoria is that the place to be. Untouched with commercialization, Peoria may be a virgin hill station located at a height of 6,000 m. it’s an ideal place to enjoy solitude bliss and quietude. the luxurious green surroundings tend to possess an ameliorating impact on the visitors. you’ll definitely be transported to a special world where you’ll shake all of your woes and troubles.
28. St. John’s Wilderness Church – Explore Around
Surrounded by pine and deodar trees, St. John’s Church is perched on a hilltop which was constructed within the year 1844 and is one among the famous Nainital tourist places. The architecture of this church was inspired by Neo-Gothic style and therefore the windows are covered with tainted colorful glasses. A Bishop from Kolkata spent half his life here and being a real follower of John the Baptist, the church got its name. it’s visited by several history buffs and backpackers in today’s date.
29. Astronomical Observatory – looked at Stars
Best Time to go to Nainital
The most ideal time to require a visit to Nainital is from March to June when the weather here is cool and pleasant. It’s the right thanks to escaping the scorching heat of the cities. If you would like to ascertain snow, you’ll also visit between late November and February. the typical temperature in Nainital within the summer months from March to June remains around 28° C and is ideal for stepping out and exploring the Nainital places to go to . Have a glance at the month-wise temperature breakup of Nainital given below to plan your trip accordingly.
Month Min. Temp. Max. Temp. Season
January 4 °C 12 °C Winter
February 5 °C 14 °C Winter
March 7 °C 19 °C Spring
April 12 °C 25 °C Summer
May 14 °C 28 °C Summer
June 16 °C 27 °C Summer
July 16 °C 21 °C Monsoon
August 16 °C 21 °C Monsoon
September 15 °C 21 °C Monsoon
October 11 °C 21 °C Autumn
November 9 °C 20 °C Autumn
December 4 °C 15 °C Winter

How To Reach Nainital

By Air: The closest domestic airport from Nainital is that the Pantnagar Airport located in Pantnagar. it’s a mere one hour far away from the town by road and is well connected to major Indian cities like New Delhi, Chennai. Kolkata, and Mumbai. you’ll take a shared taxi or hire a vehicle from here to urge to Nainital. you’ll also book a seat within the Uttarakhand tourism buses or private Volvos.
By Rail: The closest railhead from Nainital is the Kathgodam railroad station. it’s located at a distance of 24 km from Nainital and is additionally connected to major Indian cities also as cities in Uttrakhand. you’ll take a train from cities like New Delhi, Dehradun, Lucknow, Kanpur, Jammu, Kolkata, and lots more to urge here via Utr Samprk K Express, Bagh Express, and Kgm Garib Rath. From the station, you’ll either can a taxi or a bus (private or state-run) to urge to Nainital.
By Road: Nainital is well connected to all or any major and minor cities in Northern India (and others beyond it) via a well laid out road network. it’s 242 km from Rishikesh, 275 km from Dehradun, and 298 km from Delhi. you’ll ride to Nainital via the frequent Uttrakhand State Road Transport Corporation (USRTC) buses or private Volvos.

Ideal Duration For a visit To Nainital
A trip of two nights and three days is enough to explore all the favored Nainital places to go to and knowledge the important essence of this charming city. you’ll add each day or two to your sightseeing trip if you would like to also experience the joys of trekking in Nainital or if you would like to explore the places near Nainital.


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