45 Best Travel Blogger You Should Follow on Instagram-2020

There are numerous Travel Bloggers out there, how does one decide who to follow? You’re in luck! Our staff has rounded up the simplest of the simplest so you do not need to ….

As a travel blogger myself, Saurabh, there are several travel bloggers I like for his or her amazing creativity, talent, and sense of adventure.

These movement bloggers in a real sense impacted me to ‘get out and travel’

1. Desitraveler.com

Prasad Np has been dedicated to writing about India from the attitude of both his family – in comfort and elegance – and as a sole voyager during a more backpacking, fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants approach. Overflowing with India travel tips and rules and regulations, you’ll search the blog by explicit objective (or state), which is valuable in case you’re wishing to go inside and out during your India travels. you would possibly wish to avoid hypoxia at Ladakh within the Himalayas or study how a selected festival during a specific Indian city tick. this is often the blog for you.

What we love about Desitraveler is that the fabulous photography – taken by the blogger’s own fair hands – that completely captures the spirit of India. Prasad NP possesses it right: the journey is that the destination!


This well-designed and nicely-compiled blog by traveling guru Dheeraj Sharma is devoted to the sweetness of the high and mighty Himalayas of India. Given how gently he writes about the grace of snow-capped peaks and valleys, you would possibly be surprised to seek out that Sharma’s day job is in software! A travel calendar ensures you’ll never miss another event in Ladakh or Spiti Valley, while there are top tips dedicated to your preferred get-around style – be it by air, bike, foot, or 4×4.

Devilonwheels.com has arguably the foremost comprehensive list of accommodation within the region. Dedicated to noble causes, the blog also boasts the journey Club, which invites members of the Devilonwheels community to hitch on local tours that refund to the agricultural Himalayan communities.

3. Isharethese.com

Desi girl Indrani Ghose has been blogging for nearly ten years. therein time she’s been capturing the guts of India with an array of photography, particularly stunning portraits and faces of India. Gladly devoted, no stone is left immaculate, regardless of whether it’s an audit of the freshest Indian car, spooky stories in frequented Indian royal residences, or flavorful objective feasting. Ghose has since extended the blog to worldwide ventures – having headed out to more than 19 countries and 225 cities. you would possibly be surprised to find out that Ghose was also a trained engineer within the Indian Air Force before venturing into the freelance writing world.

Isharethese.com is additionally THE blog where you’ll see British Prime Minister Theresa May wearing a full-blown sari during her recent India visit.

4. Lakshmisharath.com

Already a longtime journalist, Lakshmi Sharath switched her media desk job for a continued get-up-and-go life. Sharath flawlessly diaries her exploring travel stories as she dares to the alcoves and crevices of India, where she mysteriously weaves the enchantment of legacy, culture, and folklore into something tangible for armchair travelers. she is going to keep you on the sting of that seat as she pens down her experiences of a deserted beach, or a town once swallowed by a cyclone, in her blog Lakshmisharath.com.

You won’t be astonished that this genuine and new methodology has gotten her reputation as a key India travel influencer and is consistently cited and highlighted in worldwide and public distributions, from National Geographic Traveler to the Deccan Herald.


Mumbai-based My Yatra Diary blogger Arti impractically prepares your energy for movement in India! How can she do it? With a sprinkling of verse from her #1 essayists and educated people (frequently Indian, as Munshi Premchand or Rabindranath Tagore), she relates it to her own insight out and about. Yatra in Hindi means pilgrimage, and Arti’s blogging diary, which focuses on spiritual destinations in India, maybe a personal testament to her continuous love of learning and truth-seeking.

She’s been quoted within the Hindu and regularly featured on the days of India travel website.

6. Inditales.com

Travel blogger Anuradha Goyal has every state in India covered – even the lesser-visited states of Odisha and Meghalaya within the northeast of India! To those already conversant in her work, this probably comes as no surprise, as long as she has been writing for over a decade. With walking tours as a favorite focus of hers, also as humanistic discipline and culture, Goyal writes with a confident, fearless voice. you’ll also find a powerful number of Indian bird photography on her Inditales blog – ideal for global bird lovers.


Founded by Tony John (from Kerala) and his merry men of travel enthusiasts, Indiatravelblog may be a great resource, acting primarily as a review site of accommodation, tour companies, and activities. Whether you’re trying to find the simplest place to travel for an Ayurveda spa resort experience in Kerala or a homestay within the Western Ghats, there’s plenty to assist you retain dreaming that your next India escape isn’t distant.

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Run by two Mumbai-based travel enthusiasts, you’ll get an honest flavor of Indian culture on India Someday. many touring websites, India Someday regards and commends extravagance travel in India the most extreme sum as your normal hiking experience.it’s particularly great for international travelers who are looking to return to India because it holds useful information – like the way to navigate the occasionally bewildering world of e-visas.


Bursting with personal tidbits and must-see lists, this personal travel blog of India – the brainchild of Mumbai couple Sandeepa and Chetan may be a great read! Incidentally, the couple sold their house to travel the planet full-time two years ago. Whether you would like to understand about the simplest train journeys to require or the simplest landscapes in India, or the within story on monastery festivals, or off-the-beaten-path gems for serious trekkers, it’s it all. So devoted to catching the quintessence of movement, Sandeepa and Chetan likewise offer their insider facts on what electronic gadgetry and hardware they’re utilizing under their Our Travel Gear section!

With this couple constantly on the road with inspiring stories, we encourage you to not lose track of them.

10.Neelima Vallangi

A splendid, splendid picture taker and solo voyager, Neelima Vallangi might be a genuine motivation to growing voyagers and pioneers. In case you’re having a terrible day, simply go to her Instagram profile and look through her feed for a couple of invigorating pictures of glorious scenes. Neelima may be a trekker, adventurer, and you’ll mostly find her within the mighty Himalayas.

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EXACTLY this time last year I wrote my first post here saying “I’m worried about climate change and I want to talk about it, and you’ll have to listen to me. Will ya?” From being supremely depressed about climate change to being featured as a young climate leader, I can’t believe what an astounding journey it has been. For the uninitiated, yesterday @India_Climate_Collab (ICC) & @SelcoOfficial released a video where I talk about my work as a Climate Change Communicator as part of their youth for climate solutions campaign this entire month. ICC is the first-ever collective response by business and philanthropy to drive greater climate ambition within India incubated by Tata Trusts, so it is really nice to be recognised by a promising entity like this that has big climate plans. A year ago from today, I went on to start the Instagram series here to communicate climate science knowing absolutely nothing about climate change or climate communication. Yet, here I am today, having gained a ridiculous amount of knowledge, experience, opportunities, media features, and raised thousands of dollars to make a documentary film and the cherry on top is this recognition today, as a climate leader in the Indian space. I can’t possibly ever expect life to be this generous and straightforward again I suppose, which is why I’m taking a moment to be immensely grateful for all that has come to pass, including the anguish that turned to action. But not without thanking you all for being the most important part of my learning and this journey. So, cheers? Oh btw, the link to video where I talk about my work and what constitutes effective climate communication is in bio and comments. Go listen to me giving gyaan on camera (ugh, still don’t like being in front of camera)

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11.Archana Singh

Archana Singh is an honor winning travel author and speaker. Her noteworthy narrating and photography abilities have made her sightseeing blog amazingly famous around the World. Archana’s Instagram feed may be a testimony of her travel adventures.

Website: https://www.travelseewrite.com/

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Did you know once upon a time, Hyderabad was known as the #CityOfLakes?⠀ ⠀ Only a few decades back, #Hyderabad had between 3000 to 7000 waterbodies. Unfortunately, most of these lakes have totally disappeared and the surface area of most of the surviving lakes have shrunken and turned to tiny ponds and cesspool. They vanished because of encroachment or illegal draining for real estate projects by private or government agencies. ⠀ ⠀ The sad part is, only 20 lakes are remaining and even those lakes are being used to dump garbage and sewage water. Most of these lakes and tanks were built during the regime of Qutub Shah in the 16th and 17th century and later by Nizams as a source of drinking water for the residents of Hyderabad. #HussainSagar, the largest lake in Hyderabad, has shrunk by more than 40% i.e. from 550 ha to 349 ha in just 30 years. ⠀ ⠀ A lot of locals, including schools and colleges, have started raising their voice to stop this madness. Until we don’t take a stand this illegal encroachment will continue and one day there won’t be any lake remaining. If we keep destroying our nature we won’t exist.⠀ ⠀ Let’s #bethechange and revive the water heritage of Hyderabad and other cities where we live. If we don’t save our planet today, #climatechange would kill all of us very soon. ⠀ ⠀ #TravelSeeWrite #hyderabadlakes #hyderabaddiaries #explorehyderabad #SaveHyderabadLakes #saveourplanet #sustainabletravel #sustainableliving #backyardtravel #carbonfootprint #climatechangeisreal #climateaction #nature #green #eco #ecofriendly #earth #gogreen #reuse #nomoreplastic #marineconservation #conservation

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13.Seema Gurnani

When talking about top travel and food bloggers, Seema Gurnani is that the given name that pops up within the minds of people. Beginning her excursion of ‘Panda Reviewz’ in Vijayawada, this honor winning 24-year-old star quit her agreeable work and started to require the street of rush and fervor. A zeal for exploring the nooks and new tastes is what keeps this young entrepreneur going!

Website: https://pandareviewz.com/

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14.Ajay Sood

A travel photographer by profession and keenness, Ajay Sood is one of the highest Indian travel bloggers of India. His Instagram feed is a variety of unimaginable scenes, individuals, roads, and engineering. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to mention that he has covered most of the continents during his travel.

Website: https://www.travelure.in/

15.Shivya Nath

A prominent name within the travel industry, Shivya needs no introduction. At the age of 23, she quit her comfortable and high-paying corporate job to travel the planet. This solo female traveler has packed her life into a backpack and now inspiring people around the world to try to do what they love. She has traveled in parts of Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia, the center East, Latin America, the Caucasus region, and therefore the Indian subcontinent.

Website: https://www.voicesofruralindia.org/

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Repost @officialhumansofbombay – Thanks for featuring my story 💚🙏 “Once, I was talking to a colleague about how I felt burnt out–he said, ‘You’ve been here for 2 years, I’ve been here for 20; you get used to it.’ I lived in Singapore at the time & didn’t want to just get used to life. I knew if I didn’t do something now, I’d never be able to. So I took my first solo trip to Spiti–there, I remember lying on the roof looking up at the sky; millions of stars above me. I wanted to hold on to that feeling & decided to travel full time–step one, I quit my job. I didn’t tell my parents until after I quit–so they couldn’t talk me out of it! My parents were skeptical–I had a student loan & no plan. Maybe I looked more confident than I felt, because soon, they came around. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy & I couldn’t borrow money from my folks. So I moved to Delhi & began freelancing. But something felt off; maybe it was the contrast between the Spiti sky & Delhi’s traffic. I realised I could freelance from anywhere & sold off all my belongings–I packed 2 bags & embraced the nomadic lifestyle. It’s been 7 years since & I’ve travelled quite a bit–from Uttarakhand to Ecuador! I remember, once I was in Georgia & fell sick. My host was a sweet old man who insisted on a home remedy–a shot of local liquor at 10 AM; which worked! Initially when I’d just begun travel blogging, someone said that my dad must be rich for me to afford this. But they don’t know what happens behind the scenes. I’m financially independent–I’ve written a bestselling book, worked with brands & even paid off my loans! I always say, I have a home nowhere & everywhere to go–but when the pandemic hit, I actually had nowhere to go! So I hid out in a village in north Goa. I’ve just been writing for my blog The Shooting Star, photographing birds & borrowing avocados from my neighbors tree. You know, at times I wonder if the grass is greener on the other side, that maybe I should put my roots down. But Covid has made me realise that that life isn’t for me–I’m not meant to be tied down. I’m meant to walk through life with a map in my hand… completely free.” #WorldTourismDay

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17.Nivedita Gajapathy

In 2015, Nivedith Gajapathy quit his Digital Marketing job to explore the planet. aside from being a traveler, Nivedita is an experienced collector, foodie, and a tech-savvy guy. His blog offers insights into food, culture, and lifestyle of various communities around the world. Nivedita is among the foremost famous travel bloggers in India, and if you would like some serious travel inspiration, you would like to follow him on his journey.


19.Abhinav Singh

Abhinav has traveled to quite 200 destinations in the past 10 years in India and abroad. He was fired from his corporate job for seven-year for traveling an excessive amount of. After about of depression and anxiety, he changed his situation into a plus and have become a successful travel blogger within the first year of blogging.

Website: http://asoulwindow.com/

20.Indrani Ghose

Indrani is not an ordinary traveler. A fun and valiant vagabond, she’s an ex-Indian Air Force representative, who once longed for going far and wide. From Singapore to Portugal and Jaisalmer to Guwahati, she has traveled to over 21 countries and 250+ cities till now. She has done many road trips across Europe and Southeast Asia together with her family.


21.Swati & Sam

A programmer duo, Swati, and Sam are among the highest Indian travel bloggers in the luxury travel segment. they need to travel to 16 international destinations and to several corners of Indian towns and cities. Now the pair are the go-to travel guides for travelers in and around the world.


22.Agniswar and Amrita

Two backpackers from Kolkata, Agniswar, and Amrita like to explore and appearance for unconventional experiences and destinations. Amrita is adventurous while Agni always wanted to play safe. Together they’ve faced hailstorms of Himalayas, did skin diving 12 meters below water level, froze during Chadar River trek, and even got stuck at a riot in Jammu. They share their stories of adventure and fun on their awesome blog, which makes them one of the foremost influential Indian travel bloggers.


23.Prachi & Himadri Garg

Prachi & Himadri Garg are two sisters who are exploring unexplored India for the last 8 years. Popularly referred to as Ghoomophirosisters, the 2 women are among the foremost famous travel bloggers in India. they need recently been awarded by MP Tourism as their ally on Social Media in travel awards 2016 and by Gujarat Tourism Board for his or her services. 


24.Mayuri Patel

If you would like to find out the way to travel together with your full-time job, Mayuri is that the person you ought to follow. She believes that in every aspect routine is lethal and hence, she keeps a balance of labor and visit to make her life sweet and salty. you’ll follow her adventures on her blog.


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Lets talk today about photographing yourself when you travel solo🙈 It wasn’t first time for me to visit Jaipur as I already visited all the famous tourist attractions of Jaipur in my past trips, But before my Blogging journey I didn’t have a camera. I had memories from all those places from early traveling days and so this time I wanted to make most of it😉 and I wanted my decent photos at all those insta worthy Places But the struggle was real😛. I reached to so many bloggers or instagrammers and asked about using tripod..But to my disappointment all of them told me that they hadn’t use it or some went as couple or with friends or worked with photographer etc etc. Then I decided to rely on some strangers to get clicked, and this was one of the best experience so far, met so many people,had conversations about so many things and so on.. In that process, met a guide at amber fort Who gave history lessons for free🙈 Made new friends @singh.gurri_khangura,helped other people to get that perfect photo and so on.. Travel is that soulful experience for me.. Have you any such experience during your travels ?? Now the tips for such scenario: – Look for people who are young, they can understand wht you want like my Patrikagate Photo was clicked by a school girl and their group helped to get a click without crowd. – Help others in return they will click for you the frame as you like. – Look for people with DSLR🙈 they know somewhat better angles and ask them. – don’t be shy, ask around. P.S Views of Hawa Mahal from wind view cafe, clicked by the Person working at the cafe😊. #jaipurlove #fernwehrahee #jaipurdiaries #pinckcityjaipur #rajasthaclicks #hawamahaljaipur #rangeelorajasthan🐪🐫 #rajasthantravel #windviewcafejaipur #girlsthatwander #sheisnotlost #shetravelsindia #pinkcitygram #rajasthantrip #girlswhotravelsolo #solotravelling #womentravelphotographers #indiatravel #indiantravelblogger #roamingwoman #damestravel #femmetravel #ladiesgoneglobal #girlslovetravel #travelinginyourlove #travelindia #cntravellerindia #traveladdiction #instajaipur

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25.Karthik Murali H

A data scientist by profession and travel my heart, Karthik is among the highest travel bloggers of India. His interesting blog talks about travel, lifestyle, and technology. Want some smart travel hacks? An Asian Traveller are often your go-to guide.



Reshma’s wanderlust has made her a well-liked solo globetrotter. A writer and dream-chaser, she likes to take the roads less traveled on a shoestring budget. Laos, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Bhutan, Thailand, and Cambodia are a number of the nations Reshma has ticked off bucket list.


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Facts time again! George Town in #Penang in Malaysia is one of the prettiest places that I have visited, because it is heavenly for artists, and those that love colours!💜❤️🧡💛💚 Here are some fun facts: 👉 George Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site 👉The town is known for the #streetart and there are more than 200 wall art atleast. 👉 Most of them are the works of Ernest Zacharevic, a young artist from Lithuania 👉He got inspired by the lives of people in the town and began creating Graffiti on the walls 👉 The simple yet beautiful illustrations depict little things of local people 👉 Among the popular ones are those involving children enjoying games, being curious.👧👦 👉 If you love cats, you will love checking out all the quirky cat graffitis! 👉There is an offical map for this street art, and the best way to check out all these is to walk across these streets. In this way, you will also find many interesting ones! 👉Inspired by Ernest, there are many artists that follow him today, and these people have turned the streets into creative spaces. 👉You can also participate in the workshops and their George Town projects if you are into #graffities like me! #graffitipenang #penanggraffiti #penangmalaysia #georgetownmalaysia #streetartpenang #streetartpenang😍 #ig_malaysiabest #georgetownart #penangphotography #penangstreetart #malaysiatravel #malaysiatraveller #malaysiatrip

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28.Sahil Singh

Sahil left his corporate job in 2017 to quench his travel-thirst. He’s an enormous time foodie and believes in responsible travel. One can say Sahil maybe a weekend getaway expert. Website:https://ghoomakad.in/

30.Supriya Sehgal

A wayfarer, Supriya has seen many colors and cultures of India during her travel. She has been contributing to prominent travel magazines and newspapers, including National Geographic Traveller, Outlook Traveller, and Mint to share her knowledge about travel with the planet.


31.artis diary

Often found traveling through India’s vibrant and lovely towns and villages together with her father, Arti maybe a wanderer at the bottom. One can find tons of useful travel information on her blog.



A storyteller and rambler, Elita truly believes in the redemptive power of narratives. One can follow her blog Nomadic Thunker to be a neighborhood of her travel journeys.


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35. Arti S

Often found traveling through India’s vibrant and lovely towns and villages together with her father, Arti maybe a wanderer at the bottom. One can find tons of useful travel information on her blog.

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36.Dan Flying Solo

Daniel may be a British bloke who works with Skyscanner and LonelyPlanet on the regular.

He’s a tremendous writer with plenty of useful tips and is a good better photographer. I had the privilege of traveling with Daniel and dealing with him in India. There was never a dull moment!

His photography has also been published in Beautiful Destination, Travel & Leisure, National Geographic, Travel Channel and Matador Network.

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#EuFicoEmCasa 🇵🇹 I’ve stayed purposefully silent on here for two weeks as there is so much noise already, and I didn’t want to add to it, and while many countries are now going into travel bans and lockdowns, it’s crystal clear now, PLEASE stop leisure travelling, there will be plenty of time for amazing adventures another day – today’s focus is to flatten the curve! 📶 We have to not just consider ourselves and the impacts of the quarantines or financial implications being stuck somewhere, but also the countries we are visiting, both their people, but also their own limitations with the health service. I’ve been home for a week now and barely been out (this is an old photo from my lovely village) – it’s going to be a tough time for small business and the tourism industry, so if you are in a financial position to postpone, rather than cancel, I’m sure that will be hugely appreciated! This is certainly not an ‘I’ time, it’s a ‘we’ time to come together and keep everyone in mind. 🙌 I’ve struggled to know what to put on my social media, when I focus on promoting travel, so I’ve decided for the foreseeable future to share stories of places that are in lockdown, and can’t be travelled too, particularly about the small businesses I love in Europe and have visited in the past years. Hopefully these stories will show the human side behind the situation, and you can save them and support them when the time comes to travel again. 🇵🇹 And for my beloved #Portugal, tonight we start a four-day music festival over Instagram streaming, as we all stay home and protect our most vulnerable. From me, a huge thank you to our SNS who are working so hard to treat those in need in overwhelming circumstances. We might be seeing ours bars, restaurants and beaches closed, but we will survive this as a country and a community – and someday soon, we would love for you all to come back and visit us! Sending ❤️ Remember – we will never know if we overacted, but we will certainly know if we didn’t do enough… #carvoeiro #algarve #visitportugal(later)

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37.A Broken Backpack

Melissa might be a Canadian doll. She has no channel and is such a thoughtful person.

YOU MUST catch her on Snapchat or Youtube. She’s either bumming a ride however SE Asia or sharing her movement antics.

She’s such a skilled individual and has really demonstrated that extreme work pays off.

Melissa has been distributed on Huffington Post, Matador Network, Thought Catalog, and far, substantially more. She’s a genuine female explorer and motivation!

39.My Life’s A Movie

Alyssa Ramos may be a Cuban American (like me!) Florida native.

She’s a GoPro selfie ninja master! Seriously tho, she even published ‘10 Tips For Getting Travel Photos With No People In Them’. She’s just that GOOD!

Alyssa is additionally a part of the GoPro family and writes for Huffington Post, Matador Network, and other media publications. Catch her on Snapchat as she’s always sharing quick travel tips for packing.

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Which of these Mayan pyramids is your favorite (located in 3 diff countries) 1, 2, 3, or 4? . I ask because one of these got the title of a 7 World Wonders, out of dozens of Mayan ruins all over Central America (and the Egyptian pyramids!). . Here’s where these are and some info: . 1. Cobá, Mexico : Most recent Mayan city before Spanish takeover. Highest pyramid in Yucatan (can no longer climb), said to have been ruled by women! Also perfect photobomb by a matching butterfly! . 2. Tikal, Guatemala: Said to be the greatest city in Mayan history, inhabited in 900BC, with thousands of structures, and over 100k people (my fave). There are also other pyramids in Guatemala that were built to align perfectly with the sun. . 3. Xumantunich, Belize: One of the tallest pyramids (about 130ft) that you can still climb (I’m at the top), and over 3000 years old. . 4. Chichén Itzá, México: Voted one of the New 7 World Wonders, and nominated because of it’s smart ancient construction; during spring and autumn equinox, the sun aligns with the main temple and projects a serpent shadow that aligns with the serpent statues. Aka one of the first physical calendars. . In case it isn’t obvious, I love seeking and learning about ancient civilizations, and I truly believe traveling is the best education you can get! Maybe I’ll be a crazy geography professor one day haha! (Joke, I have sworn off 9-5’s for life) . So which is your favorite? Visually and or for what they actually are? . I’ll be getting into the spooky awesomeness of Mayan rituals next!! . . . #mayanruins #coba #tikal #belize #guatemala #tulum #chichenitza #7worldwonders #mylifesatravelmovie #solotravel #adventures

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40.Drew Banksy

Drew is another Arizona native. Drew has been traveling the planet since he left college and has made a full-time career working for himself.

He’s referred to as the Snapchat genius. He’s created his own travel show through Snapchat. he’s employed with several different brands and sponsors, is a component of the GoPro Family, and writes for Elite Daily also because of the Huffington Post.

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41.The Blonde Abroad

Keirsten may be a California native who quit a career in finance to travel the planet. She’s been traveling for five years and is ‘killing it’.

This girl has some amazing girl power! She works with top brands and sponsors from everywhere in the world. Keirsten is additionally an honest writer, content creator, and very talented in photography.

She is additionally a part of the GoPro Family and has been featured on Huffington Post, Forbes, Matador Network, and lots of more!

I have yet to satisfy this beauty but she’s on my list! Such an idea.

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Decorating for fall 🍂🍁 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• # Ad Since COVID, there’s been a lot of changes in how I spend my time and how I shop. I’m spending a lot more time looking at home goods than ever before—and especially holiday decor! I’m so excited to decorate our new home over the next few months. I’m also not spending as much time going into stores, but I have found limitations in furnishing and decorating a home solely through online shopping. So, when there’s an opportunity to shop online and have items delivered as soon as same-day, or when I can have a contact-free and quick checkout in store, I’m totally in. That’s where the new @Walmart+ membership shines. I recently got my autumn-fix decorating our front porch with plants and flowers from their Garden Center. I was able to do a completely contact-free checkout with the Walmart+ mobile scan & go benefit—the app allows me to scan and pay for my items on my phone, without having to wait in any lines! It’s tech for the times but also so innovative that it will make the future of in-store shopping a breeze. You can read more about my tips for decorating a cozy fall front porch, and the benefits of the new Walmart+ membership on the blog—link in bio! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #Walmartplus #FallDecor

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42.Travel Break

Steph Be may be a California native who’s been on CNN and writes for several media channels including, Huffington Post, Elite Daily, Forbes, Matador Network, and lots of more.

Steph is a particularly talented writer and content creator. She’s is additionally an excellent photographer! Her true talent lies in her knowledge of social media.

She comes from a marketing background and has taught herself the ins and outs of social media and does it well. She recently published this awesome article, ” 7 Steps to urge “Influencers” to Share Your Product (As Told By One)”.

She is another Latina that inspires and motivates and another representation of a kick-ass female blogger.

45. Jaya

It’s the stories where I meet new travel buddies on my journey. It’s laughter and tears, joy and pain, excitement and frustrations, and the real adventures of a girl how fixated on investigating the world, getting as lost as with her camera in hand trying to communicate in an adventure language and meeting astonishing individuals where I do not really get their languages– if see me, they come to say hi 

About the author

I was imaginary and a dreamer. Being a full time working professional, my creativity didn’t get a chance to shine that way. After sometime, I went to visit Darjeeling, a place with the reflection of nature’s beauty. There, I felt I was leaving imaginary me somewhere behind and decided to visit those far-off places I’d dreamt of as a kid that’s why I started this blog.


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