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Hi, I’m Saurabh Gupta, 24 years old, Blogger and Social Media Expert

Whenever you decide to travel, there are several questions which poke in your mind:

“Where should I plan to go? A place which is under my budget”

“Where will I be able to get the life changing experiences, mental peace and inner strength?”

“Where I would be able to find the best travel deal which made me saving money on flights, accommodation and other big expenses?”

“How should I plan my trip so that I can visit more and effectively in lesser time?”

“What should be my first step?”

 Travelling is something where you get a chance to know yourself more and I guess you ended up here because, you are trying to find the answers of above mentioned questions just like every traveler do.

My story,

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I was born in Gorakhpur and just like all the Indian students I did was I supposed to do – chided by the parents and teachers for not getting the good grades, went to college, shift to other cities to find the better opportunities and at the age of 22, I got a job in Digital Marketing. I thought that was my only option.

In my childhood, I was a very playful boy. I was obsessed with watching cartoons, action movies like Avengers and Harry Porter, cooking my own stories and yes every Indian Guy’s favorite-playing cricket. I was the kid who used to play different kinds of video games, who spent hours searching the mountains, the fountains, the see sites and rainbows of far-off places around the world, just to imagine how it feel to be there. I was imaginary and a dreamer.

Being a full time working professional, my creativity didn’t get a chance to shine that way. After sometime, I went to visit Darjeeling, a place with the reflection of nature’s beauty. There, I felt I was leaving imaginary me somewhere behind and decided to visit those far-off places I’d dreamt of as a kid that’s why I started this blog.

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