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There is a common belief that for the ones who love to study and read, any place is good enough for such a pursuit of knowledge. They say that the space doesn’t matter, and the significance of the physical setting is only secondary since knowledge is immaterial. And thus, the most important thing is to focus on what one is reading.

While we, at Dayawati Modi Academy, a renowned school in Meerut, agree to all of that, it is also undeniable that having sound infrastructure consisting of proper learning spaces and educational amenities aids students in achieving the expected academic outcomes. In fact, there are studies that have found that design and environmental elements of school infrastructure together explain sixteen percent of variation in the academic progress of primary students. This is the reason why you would find educational infrastructure being given such an emphasis in most of the leading schools across the nation and abroad.

With that being said, let’s take a closer look today at the importance of infrastructure in improving the quality of education.

The significance of infrastructure in enhancing the educational quality

The infrastructure of a school has a major role to play in uplifting the educational quality it offers. Having said that, it is true that any place is good enough to study if the learners have their heart to it. However, it is also true that there are several aids that can make learning a lot more engaging and enriching for the students.

For instance, there is no denying that kids can learn the many theories and proofs of science from anywhere. But it surely helps them to have access to a well-equipped laboratory where they can test out the theories they read in the books.

Similarly, in the modern era of technology, there are multiple tools of edutech that we, at Dayawati Modi Academy, have implemented in our school to help our pupils learn better and retain knowledge more effectively. As such, considering the technologically advanced age that we are living in, if we don’t offer our young buds with added learning aids such as digital classrooms and digital resources in the library, we basically miss out on offering them enough impetus to excel in their studies.

Add to that the other crucial facilities like a canteen that serves nutritious food or an infirmary that offers a quick response in case of injury or illness. These infrastructural features allow kids to focus better on the studies as the institution pays close attention to their health and wellness.

Besides, even the teachers find it easier to discuss and explain the lessons with the aid of updated and advanced infrastructure they find in those labs, libraries, and classrooms. Having a modern, technologically equipped infrastructure could be hence called a win-win for all!

Dayawati Modi Academy: Offering the finest infrastructural facilities to the young buds

Being one of the best schools in Meerut, we, at Dayawati Modi Academy, have always given special care to bringing the finest infrastructural facilities for our students and staff that the world of education has to offer. You can see a vivid picture of it all across our premises, right from our classrooms to our multiple labs.

Our young geniuses get their hands-on training in the state-of-the-art science labs that are equipped with highly upgraded learning tools. In addition to the science labs, we, at Dayawati Modi Academy, also have other labs such as an IT lab, language lab, and math lab that take our ideas of experiential learning forward through modern methodologies of learning.

We have converted all sixty-nine classrooms into smart, tech-enabled, digitized spaces where world-class audio-visual aids are used to help children imbibe the knowledge more effectively. Furthermore, there is our school library that is like the nerve center of our institution. We have enriched our library with over ten thousand books, magazines, slides, audiotapes, documentaries, and much more.

As one of the most reputed schools in Meerut, we, at Dayawati Modi Academy, firmly believe that our infrastructural facilities have certainly been a factor in the unfalteringly brilliant all-round performance of our students every year. Thus, we have made a pledge to ourselves to continue bringing more of such advanced facilities to the students in the years to come.

A study conducted in the United States revealed that school students spend almost 20,000 hours inside classrooms by the time they are 18 years old and yet, they retain very little of what they learned in that span. Most students forget their lessons in a very short time after passing school and a greater number cannot apply the knowledge they remember in college or the real world. Such statistics show the unproductive environment that most schools around the globe are failing to address. On paper, students might be educated but in real life, learning remains ineffective.

However, the Best boarding schools in Delhi Ncr have been tackling this issue for quite some time now. Instead of designing their pedagogy around a fixed curriculum, these boarding schools are taking a more personalised approach that is creating independent learners. Students in these futuristic schools learn of their own free will and naturally, knowledge retention is higher than a typical day school. What is the secret of creating independent learners? A few learning strategies that are known to help.

Create motivation to learn new things

Creating motivation among students is the first and probably the most challenging step to building independent learners. Every topic that a student learns in a classroom will be new and if he/she learns with motivation and enthusiasm, the retention will naturally be better. Students primarily draw motivation from their teachers. And then the impact of peers comes in to keep the zeal to learn burning. Boarding schools are the perfect spots to provide both and their students automatically stay motivated throughout the course.

In boarding schools, students are almost always under the influence of their teachers. They study with their teachers in the classrooms and live inside the same campus at accessible distances. The passion overflows due to the proximity which builds the foundation of being motivated. And then in the hostels, students are surrounded by equally motivated peers. The feeling becomes infectious as students help each other to reach excellence. In typical day schools, this becomes challenging as students face a totally different environment when they go home at the end of every day.

Set learning goals and self-access the journey

A typical classroom in the best school in Sonepat starts with the question – what will you learn at the end of this lecture? This not only clears the purpose of the intended lesson but also sets a clear learning goal that the students are expected to achieve. Having goals are important for development. If students cannot see why they must sit through an hour of math lesson and what they achieved after attending the class, very few will have the interest to come back again tomorrow. And just like learning itself, its goals have to be personalised as well. A struggling student will need a goal to sharpen a specific skill while a performing one will need to aim to learn more advanced topics.

And during this journey, students need the skill to self-access themselves. How did learning a new thing change their perspective? What all can they do now which they previously could not? Self-assessment will begin a chain reaction of self-appreciation and self-confidence that will, in turn, feed motivation. Goals help to quantify learning and self-assessment enables students to test the benchmark. This is how the top boarding school students learn.

Learn in different environments

The top 5 schools in Sonepat with boarding facilities have world-class infrastructure. Right from the sports centre to the cafeteria, the campus is built for students to thrive. These do help in soft skill development but the expansive campus also aids in creating independent learners and advancing knowledge retention. Take the cafeteria for example. This is a classic place where students of different classes can come together and bounce ideas of each other. Intellectual discussions will lead to collaboration and group studying will feed the ambition to learn more.

Also, the human brain is wired to remember experiences based on locations. If learning only happens in the classrooms, it is easy for the mind to forget different lessons as the ambiance did not change. But if a student learns different subjects in different places within the boarding school, his/her mind will connect the lesson with the location and create long-lasting memories efficiently.

Hence, it should come as no surprise when you see that the students of Swarnprastha Public School are independent learners. The boarding school ambiance of the school feeds the skill and the pedagogy is designed to help students retain their lessons and learn to apply them in the real world. SPS students are achievers because they learn with motivation. They share their academic passion with their teachers and peers and naturally walk towards success. Schooling is complete at SPS because the boarding system is achievement-oriented.

It is said, ‘A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures.’ Sleep is certainly an indispensable part of a healthy lifestyle. Just a night of poor sleep can completely make the day’s activities and performance halted. It is no surprise that sleep deprivation can impact children just as it has an effect on adults. This is why we, at JP International School, ranked among the top schools in Greater Noida, have always maintained that it is crucial to understand the necessity of sleep in children and how it impacts their learning and development.

The thing is that we constantly hear physical and mental health of young children has a considerable impact on their learning.  But do we really understand how much a child’s sleep can impact their growth and contribute to their development? To put it clearly, a child’s sleep is just as significant as their nutrition and exercising because it improves their overall mental and physical health. So, let’s delve deeper into the topic in this article today and see how and why proper sleep constitutes a vital component in children’s growth and learning.

Deep sleep is the key to good health

Sleep, in particular deep sleep, is vital for healthy growth and development. Ideally, a child should spend at least half of their sleeping hours in a deep sleep to ensure proper growth and development. This is because, majority of human hormones, especially growth hormones, are secreted during the times of deep sleep. So, without ample sleep, children might experience inadequate growth, which can also impede their development and learning to a greater extent.

Various studies have shown that children who get an adequate amount of sleep regularly are considerably better at focusing on their work for longer periods of time. Such children are quite attentive in learning and show far better performance in memory, concentration, and behavior.

Proper sleep aids in mental development

Getting adequate sleep is essential to a child’s mental development, as a child’s brain is busy developing while their body is at rest. At JP International School, we have seen that children who do not get enough sleep have a hard time concentrating and managing their moods. Moreover, sleep helps kids improve their focus and attention span. Studies have shown that children who get adequate sleep every day tend to show higher levels of concentration, optimal mental alertness and are less impulsive and not easily distracted. So, it is important for you to make sure your child rests well, and by doing this, you will be supporting your little one’s brain to take its form in the right way.

Effects performance at all levels

Children who are deprived of sleep during their early years tend to experience an adverse impact on their growth hormones, causing growth hormone deficiency and subsequent negative effects. Lack of sleep can primarily affect a child’s weight and impacts their performance at all levels. It is hence important for children to get the right amount of sleep every day. Having said that, not many know that naps during the daytime are equally important as the nighttime sleep. Naps help the brain to relax and prevent it from becoming overtired.

Now, with all thoughts going over your mind, you must be thinking about how much sleep your children need. Well, practically, it depends on a child’s age and bodily requirements. In general, toddlers need 11-14 hours of sleep, while school-age children need 9-11 hours of sleep at night. It is necessary to ensure that you practice the right sleeping schedule for your child and establish strict and consistent bedtime routines. At JP International School, one of the top schools in Greater Noida, we believe that the quality of sleep a child gets not only greatly contributes to his/her performance at school but also helps to improve his/her day-to-day ability to function and optimizes the health. Creating a consistent sleeping routine and watching out for signs of sleep problems in your kids can help enhance their learning and development and ensure their growth into happier, mentally strong, less demanding, and more sociable adults.

Education has always been a dynamic domain. With time, it has morphed its ways and techniques to match the demand of the day. The increasingly digitalized world of today needs the young minds to get prepared for the ongoing advancements happening at the global level, and there’s no denying that the educational framework has to be at par with the needs. This is the reason why at K.R. Mangalam Global School GK-1, a renowned IB board school in South Delhi, we have never left any stones unturned in our attempts to keep up with the latest teaching methods and education trends.

While we have always focused on the holistic development of each of our students, integrating progressive learning methods to lift our education system to the international level has always been one of our commitments. And one of our steps in doing so has been integrating the IB Diploma Programme, which most of the Universities of the world recognize today. The association of Indian universities credited us with the prestigious recognition of the IB Diploma back in 1983. And since 2016, we have been conducting IB courses successfully, adding wings to the higher study prospects of our students. We feel proud that many of our students who have completed IB Diploma and pursued higher studies are now accomplished names in their domains of work.

If you go through the “Guidance Of university recognition In India” link, you will find several reputed universities in this list that have extended their written support in the form of documented approvals. Thus, no wonder pursuing the IB DP can edge up the profiles of the students in the global scenario. Also, since most foreign universities recognize this degree, your child’s aspirations to study abroad will also have higher chances of turning into a reality.

Benefits of Pursuing IB Diploma

An IB Diploma simply enhances the acceptance of your child’s candidature across the universities. No matter which board your child has attended so far, an IB diploma will always scale up his/her profile manifold. It is a known fact that students with an IB diploma experience more acceptance in all the Universities. Hence, the scope of your child’s career would definitely widen up after pursuing this diploma. Besides enhancing the opportunities for higher studies and scholarships, this course also introduces students to a global educational framework. Therefore, coping with the international standard of education becomes easier for IB diploma holders. The very approach of this course is based on grooming the learners into comparatively more knowledgeable and liberal-minded individuals.

K.R. Mangalam Global’s Expert Counselling Cell at Work

Choice of subjects plays a critical role in determining the overall effectiveness of the degree. If you are worried about the specific subject combinations that will help your child carve a brighter path for the future, our counseling cell at the K.R. Mangalam Global School campus will help you select the best ones. Our dedicated counselors offer in-depth analysis of how a student can benefit by opting for certain subject combinations.

Also, in case of applying to the universities within India and abroad, the veteran counselors can offer their valuable guidance to the aspirants. If pursuing a medical degree is on your mind, these experts can also guide you through the process and help you pick the easiest yet most effective subject combinations. While a few extra subjects can always help you hone your skills, these will have little impact on your scores. Hence, consulting the experts before opting for any such experimental combination for your IB diploma would be a smarter move.

At K.R. Mangalam Global School GK-I, an esteemed IB board school in South Delhi, we believe that developing the capacity to adapt in any social sphere and embrace the rising educational standards is essential in today’s world. After all, the open economy markets look for individuals capable of adapting to any variety of culture, environment, and work in any part of the world. And the IB programme can indeed work to lay a robust foundation stone for your child’s career.

We, at K.R. Mangalam Global, are driven to make sure that each of our students not only grows holistically well in all spheres but also secure admission in the most reputed universities in India and abroad. And this is where our IB Diploma programme has emerged as a big-time aid for our pupils. The state-of-the-art infrastructure, the experienced teachers, consistently advancing teaching methods, and the liberal learning environment make K.R. Mangalam Global School one of the leaders in the education arena.

When someone says ‘Diwali,’ what is the first thing that comes to the mind? Surely, it is the twinkling of diyas and firecrackers bursting and whizzing through the air. It is a sad truth that people hardly ever stop to think about a Diwali that is not all about lighting crackers or sparklers, which indeed adds a lot to the pollution fiasco. Just last year, the Central Pollution Control Board reported that the cities of Lucknow, Patna, and Delhi had the worst air quality during Diwali, and this year the situations are expected to be even worse. So, why not start the change from us and inspire our children to brighten up lives rather than lighting crackers?

We, at Travels Paradise, have always believed Diwali does not have to be all about crackers, the young ones would surely pay heed. After all, there’s no greater joy than sharing and caring for others, and Diwali is the perfect time to deliver this lesson to our children.

The Joy of Giving: Dedicating Diwali for the Less Fortunate

This Diwali, take your child to an orphanage and let him help the underprivileged by distributing sweets and clothes. We believe that this is the best way of teaching your young one that the joy of giving selflessly to the less fortunate is something that no crackers can bring. By encouraging your child to do this, you will not only be bringing smiles to those little lives but also enlightening your little one on a better view of life.

Sharing the Happiness: Spending Diwali at an Old Age Home

Growing up, we have all heard our elders’ remark that happiness is meant to be shared. It is now time for us to show the true meaning of those words to our children. After all, festivals are all about spending quality time with your near and dear ones. And so, spending time with those who don’t have their loved ones visiting them is always a good idea. So, ask your children to ditch the crackers this time and take them to visit your nearest old age home.

All lives matter: Taking Care of our Four-Legged Friends

Regardless of whether you have pets in the house or not, the plight of our four-legged friends surely does not go unnoticed by you. The dogs and cats have a really hard time during the festival because of the high decibel sounds of the firecrackers. We would suggest that you enlighten your child about the trouble faced by the animals, and in the process, explain how all lives matter. While your child understands the need to stop bursting crackers, ask him to also help you give shelter to the strays in the area in your garage or any shed, if possible.

Saying No to Pollution: Devoting Diwali to the Environment

The ill-effects of pollution affect all lives, even the ones who are bursting it. We cannot ask our children to stop engaging in any activity that causes environmental pollution and then let them burst firecrackers. So, it is high time to teach them about how Mother Earth suffers from pollution on Diwali, and thus, encourage them to say no to crackers.

We, at Travels Paradise, believe that while we should definitely teach children about  valuable customs and traditions, saying no to crackers is only going to do more good. However, the fact is that any values we teach the children can only be enforced when parents echo the same lessons at home. Thus, while we continually teach them about saying no to crackers, we want your support and help in making sure the message is understood by the young buds. And, once we are able to help them understand the need to make the world a better place for others, this is the message they will deliver to their future generations as well. Someday we can hope to see a Diwali that will be only lighted by happy smiles and humble gestures.

Trip To London From Delhi Via This Bus In 70 Days bus is called ‘Bus To London’ and might be a little more expensive than air travel but then you get to see and explore different countries while you’re on your way, finally be able to do that road trip of your dreams! Ever dream of going on a tour Delhi to London or Europe by road from India? Well, that dream doesn’t seem like a far fetched idea anymore as this you can now do so and travel from Delhi ( India ) to London via this bus in only 70 days. This Delhi Ncr based travel company known as Adventures Overland has now launched a bus that takes you around the globe all the way to London covering 18 countries as well. Pretty cool, right?

Place 1: India, Myanmar, Thailand (11 Nights and 12 Days)

Commencing from Delhi, this excursion will take you through Lucknow, Muzaffarpur, Siliguri, Guwahati, Kohima and Imphal. At that point crossing the outskirts to enter Myanmar, treat your eyes to the pagodas of Bagan. From that point on you will traverse to Thailand, crossing the Mekong River and enter Laos and finish the main segment of the excursion in China.

Place 2: China (15 Nights, 16 Days)

The subsequent leg starts at Chengdu in China. Meet the overly charming pandas at Chengdu, look at the verifiable relics of the Great Wall, see the Mogao Caves in Jiayuguan and Dunhuang in Gansu Province. The fortunate ones who will leave on this excursion will likewise get the opportunity to see the Gobi Desert and the hypnotizing snowed mountains and ice sheets of China. This outing likewise incorporates towns like Turpan and Kashgar in the midst of others.

Place 3:Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia ( 21 Nights and 22 Days)

This very much structured and pleasantly assembled blog by voyaging master Dheeraj Sharma is committed to the excellence of the arrogant Himalayas of India. Given how delicately he expounds on the finesse of snow-topped pinnacles and valleys, you may be astonished to find that Sharma’s dayjob is in programming! A movement schedule guarantees you will never miss another occasion in Ladakh or Spiti Valley, while there are top tips gave to your favored get-around style – be it via air, bicycle, foot, or 4×4. has ostensibly the most far reaching rundown of convenience in the locale. Devoted to honorable purposes, the blog likewise flaunts the Adventure Club, which welcomes individuals from the Devilonwheels people group to join on neighborhood visits that offer back to the rustic Himalayan people group.

Place 4:Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, United Kingdom (15 Nights and 16 Days)

The last leg of this novel excursion will start with the Baltic nations of Latvia and Lithuania. Wandering into Poland, you will get the chance to see the Czech capital of Prague and afterward Frankfurt. Appreciate the scrumptious chocolates and selective blends of Brussels and afterward step into London. The gathering size breaking point is that of 20 individuals. Veggie lovers will have no issues. Be that as it may, the bundle will have prepared to eat Indian food with a convenient oven. The organization that has propelled this administration is called Adventures Overland which will process 10 visas for Indian identification holders to cover the whole excursion. Be that as it may, your international IDs ought to be substantial till January 2022 and must have 20 void pages. To know the cost of this excursion, and different subtleties, it is ideal to look at their site. Trip To London From Delhi will launch in May 2021 and will start taking in the booking before that and in the 70 days of the time, you will be travelling an estimate of 20,000 km and going through two continents. Explore amazing countries like Myanmar and adventures like hiking the Great Wall of China, touring European Frankfurt and then finally heading to the London Bridge. It will definitely be a journey of a lifetime! Also, the countries you will be touring are India, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France and the UK. You can also hop-off at any point of the trip and choose to take a flight to the other destination as well since the idea of the bus is a ‘Hop-on and Hop-off’ bus. The bus will also be returning back via the same route back to Delhi, but if you wish to skip that you can choose to do that as well.

Bus Route Map
Here are some inclusions and exclusions as a part of the packaged tour

    • Twin sharing hotel
    • All meals
    • The bus driver with a helper
    • A health official, CPR instructor
    • A translator for every country
    • Visas and standard tourist fee
    • Assistance for border crossing
    • Third-party insurance for the bus for every country
    • Airport transfers in Imphal
    • Sightseeing and walking tours at various locations
    • Entrance fee at sightseeing points
    • Activities
    • Stock of snacks, water and soft beverages throughout the journey
    • Merchandise of Adventures Overland for every passenger
    • Roadbook for each passenger

Not included:

  • International and domestic flight tickets
  • Extra Meals and drinks not mentioned
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Urgent tourist visa fee
  • Entrance fee of sightseeing points
  • Travel insurance
  • Costs due to unforeseen circumstances
  • Accommodation charges due to delays in the journey
  • Medical expenses incurred during the trip
  • Camera and video camera charges
  • Costs incurred before the official start date of the journey of the end date of the journey
  • Tips and gratitude to guides, porters in hotels, driver and helper 5% GST
  • Check out their website to know more about the trip

So, if you are planning a trip to  London From Delhi Via This Bus , we, at Travels Paradise have brought here for you all the necessary information you need to know about the must-visit places in London and the various ways you can reach this snow-capped beauty.