Ladakh – A Place That Oozes Wonder!

Best Places in Ladakh

Ladakh – A Place That Oozes Wonder!

Situated at the height of above 3000m from the sea level, Ladakh is one destination that upholds the true spirit of the Himalayan and Zanskar Mountains. Well communicated with most of the major cities in India, Ladakh can be reached minus any hassle through roadways and airways. Most of the places in Ladakh seats at high altitude regions. And this is exactly why acclimatization with the place is a must before you start moving further beyond Leh. So, if you are planning a trip to Ladakh, we, at Travels Paradise have brought here for you all the necessary information you need to know about the must-visit places in Ladakh and the various ways you can reach this snow-capped beauty.

Place 1 – Zanskar Valley -– The Desolate Himalayan Place

Named after the perennial river, Zanskar, this valley is one of the most beautiful, serene, and popular destinations in Ladakh. It remains covered with pristine white snow for most of the years. However, the months of June and July are considered the best to visit this place.

Place 2 – Pangong Tso Lake – An Awesome Camping Site

Pangong Tso, a lake amongst the popular tourist attractions in Leh Ladakh is situated on the Changtang plateau in the eastern Ladakh region Pangong Tso Lake awesome site for camping and is the current hotspot for all people making it one of the best Place in Ladakh for tourist You can visit this place during the Summer Vacation.

Place 3 – Kargil – Haven For Adventure Seekers

An excursion of Leh Ladakh is deficient without a visit to Kargil that is one of the prime traveler places in Leh Ladakh. This is the second biggest town in Ladakh, arranged on the banks of Indus River. It is a travel center with streets prompting Leh, Padum (Zanskar), and Srinagar. Likewise, it is an asylum for experience fans as they can appreciate sports, for example, trekking, hiking, and mountaineering. Ensure you pack adequately to appreciate these exercises at one of the most popular places in Leh Ladakh!

Place 4 – Khardung-la Pass – Gateway To Valleys

Khardungla Pass is an entryway which prompts Nubra and Shyok valleys and a standout amongst other vacationer puts in Ladakh. While this probably won’t be a regular vacation destination LehLadakh, it is certainly among the Best-visit puts in around LehLadakh for experience addicts. Overseen by the Border Roads Organization, Kardung-la Pass is the passage toward the north and one of the most troublesome yet exciting goes to ride on.

Place 5 – Nubra Valley- – Get Arabian Nights Experience

If you think that deserts are dry and arid, and offer a little when it comes to natural variations, Nubra Valley can prove you wrong at any point in time. 200 Kms away from the turquoise blue waters of the Pangong Tso, Nubra Valley is a place that would add to your travel experience in Ladakh.

Place 6 – Magnetic Hill- – An Intriguing Phenomenon

The majestic mountains have the trick to amaze you with a natural phenomenon called magnetism. The magnetic hills of Ladakh allow the drivers to keep the engine off while the vehicle still moves on. This place lies on the Leh-Kargil highway at a distance of around 30 km from the city of Leh. So stay ready for a little magic!

Place 7 – SpitukGompaA Beautifully Carved Spot

To take a little spiritual twist from nature dominated Ladakh landscapes, SpitukGompa can be your undisputed choice. Located near the iconic Indus River and 18 km away from the capital city, Leh, SpitukGompa is a place that will fill your heart with a feeling of outlandish peace.

Place 8 – Hemis National Park– Where Endangered Species Live

Home to the rarely spotted snow leopards, Hemis National Park, is officially the largest national park in India. To breathe in nature and to explore the real wonders of the Himalayas, a trip to Hemis NP is highly recommended.

Place 9 – ShantiStupa – Find Some Peace

What better spot to conjure a few musings from inside than this? Situated on a slope in Chanspa, Leh, the ShantiStupa is one of the most superb and serene Buddhist landmarks you might find in the extraordinary north of India for the best of Ladakh touring. Take the precarious insults to arrive at the Stupa that offers lovely dawn and nightfall sees. Likewise, the all-encompassing perspectives on the scene around it make the ShantiStupa extraordinary compared to other vacationers puts in Ladakh.

Place 10 – Hemis Monastery – Visit During The Mask Festival

One of the most renowned Buddhist cloisters in India, Hemis Monastery is known as Best for yearly veil celebration. This is a two-day profound festival occurring on Tse Chu, the tenth month in Tibetan schedule. The celebration is praised in the memory of Guru Padmasambhava, who is accepted to be the Gautam Buddha’s resurrection.

Place 11 – Illustrious Leh Palace – Where Royal Glory Awaits

Looking like the embodiment of the Potala Palace in Lhasa, the Royal Leh Palace is arranged on a bluff sitting above the enchanting town of Leh. A noticeable image of the illustrious family’s brilliance living in this town in the days of yore, this spot can’t be missed by any pilgrim out there! The staggering sculpture of Buddha at the rear of this royal residence adds more to the appeal of this spot.

Place 12 – Moonland – An Imaginative Destination

Its nearby likeness to Moon is the principle motivation behind why this wonderful normally happening land is probably the best spot to visit in Leh Ladakh is difficult to miss on your approach to Lamayuru. In the event that you wish to visit one of the most shocking inconspicuous places in Leh, this is the spot to be. It is ideal to head out to this spot during the hour of a full moon since it is accepted to be an extraordinary encounter all along with the twilight thinking about this sort of surface. Moonland is one of those exceptional spots to visit in Leh-Ladakh in April.

Place 13 – TsoMoriri Lake-– A Twin Natural Paradise

What can be more soothing to the eyes than a sight that puts snow-clad mountains, green pastures, and azure blue calm waters within the same frame? Such is the beauty of TsoMoriri Lake that bewilders all its visitors time and again.

Place 14 -Chadar Trek – An Unbelievable Trek

What about strolling on a solidified lake? Chadar Trek is one of the lovely places to visit in Ladakh such incredible and energizing experience. ‘Chadar’ alludes to a cover, in light of the fact that in winter the mainstream Zanskar River in LehLadakh sticks to a cover of ice. Come to observe the change of shades of this solidified stream while you journey on it. The gentle blue shading changes to light yellow when the sun sparkles legitimately on it for a couple of hours in the day. It looks smooth white on a twilight night. The Chadar Trek venture is supposed to be one of the gutsiest and hardest trip ventures.

Place 15 – Alchi – Discover Traditional Life

Alchi is a bustling town situated in the Himalayan area of Ladakh, in the valley of Indus River. The model town of Alchi is home to an old Buddhist religious community that goes back to 900 years. The cloister gladly bears the eleventh – twelfth-century Indo-Tibetan works of art done in splendid green, gold, ochre and purplish-blue shades. The painted province of Bodhisattva Maitreya is a significant feature of the religious community. You are proposed to go through a night Alchi to find the genuine Ladakhi town life. You can likewise appreciate waterway boating at the AlchiNyemo.

Place 16 -ThikseyGompa – A Beautiful Monastery

Looking like the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet, Thiksey is one of the excellent Buddhist religious communities in Ladakh. Cuddled at a height of 11,800 feet, this religious community is taken care of by the individuals of Yellow Hat (Gelugpa) organization. It includes a 12-story building complex and houses in excess of 500 priests. Thiksey has an enormous and valuable assortment of Buddhist books, diaries, sculptures, contents, stupas, blades, and Thangka canvases.

Place 17 – Diskit Monastery – A Famous Attraction

Situated in the delightful Nubra Valley, Diskit Monastery is one of the most wonderful and the most established Buddhist religious communities in Ladakh, established in the fourteenth century by ChangzemTseraZangpo. It has a place with the Gelugpa faction (Yellow Hat) of Tibetan Buddhism and has different Buddha sculptures, pictures of other gatekeeper Gods, and an immense drum. Attributable to the stunning area, this one of the well known religious communities in Ladakh offers grave quietness and internal harmony. Arranged near it is Maitreya Buddha, another popular fascination here.

Place 18 – Stakna Monastery – A Small And Serene Monastery

Stakna, privately known as Tiger’s Nose, is a little and peaceful cloister. It was established during the reign of King Jamyang Namgyal in 1580. It houses various works of art, icons, and Buddhist sacred texts, and has numerous sister cloisters like in Zanskar-Bardan, Stakrimo, and Sani. Situated on the left bank of Indus River and roosted on a slope, Stakna cloister in LehLadakh offers astounding perspectives on the Indus valley.

Place 19 – PhyangGompa – With An Impressive Surroundings

PhyangGompa has a place with the red cap order of Buddhism and is maybe the most amazing cloister in Leh Ladakh. It is situated on a ridge and in this manner offers dazzling perspectives on the encompassing. This white and ochre-hued structure is one of the must-visit religious communities in Ladakh and is a significant center point of Digung lessons. The divider artistic creations at PhyangGompa delineate Buddhist culture and legacy. Make a point to stop by here on a day visit to Ladakh.

Place 20 – Likir Monastery – Explore Tibetan Artifacts

Likir Monastery is found 53 km west of Leh in the Likir town in the Indus Valley. Alongside taxis, numerous transports travel among Leh and Likir from 5o check in the first part of the day to 3o check toward the evening. Prominently known as LikirGompa, it was established by Lama DuwangChosje in the fourteenth century. As indicated by Buddhist folklore, this is the principal development by the Tibetan priests. The historical center situated inside the religious community grandstands a wide exhibit of Tibetan antiquities and relics.

Place 21 – Phugtal Monastery – Very Intrinsically Built

Phugtal Monastery is built around and inside an empty cavern. Its strange area and structure make it one of the most captivating destinations for guests. It is situated in the south-east piece of Zanskar district in Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir. It is a segregated religious community and stays concealed a long way from the city. One of the one of a kind highlights is that the water of the cavern stays streaming at the same pace independent of the water running outside. The water is additionally accepted to have restorative forces.

Place 22 -NamgyalTsemoGompa – Explore Distinct Mystique

On the off chance that you love to go over tough and steep mountains loaded with tranquil and otherworldly overlays, you should visit NamgyalTsemoGompa. The religious community is acclaimed for its Buddhist standards and lessons. Voyagers from everywhere throughout the world come here to encounter eternality. Experience the particular persona that encompasses the spot on your visit here.

Place 23 – Stok Palace – Home Of The Royals

Arranged a good ways off of just 15 km, Stok Palace is found in the Stok Village. It is broadly known as the late spring home to the illustrious group of Ladakh. Set up in 1820 by King TsepalNamgyal. It is a glaring case of the rich history and way of life of the imperial family. It is additionally home to Stok Monastery and is outfitted with wonderful nurseries and an enormous library. It has now been changed over into a legacy lodging for guests to come experience the eminence here.

Place 24 – Chemrey Monastery – An Undiscovered Monastery

The 400-year old unfamiliar Buddhist Monastery, Chemrey Monastery is found 40 km away, in the east of Leh Ladakh. One of the most amazing highlights of the Monastery is the high sculpture of Padmasambhava. On your visit, do look at the wide assortments of old sacred texts. These sacred writings are encouraged in gold and silver. Catch shocking perspectives on the encompassing territories while you are here.

Place 25 -TsoKar – A Salt Lake InLadakh

The wavering salt lake in Ladakh valley, Tsokar is one of the most well-known goals in Ladakh. It is all the more regularly known as the white lake, and the Tso Kar Lake is a serene retreat for some voyagers. Encompassing territories of the lake incorporates a few migrant families, hardly any yak sheds, and a religious community. It is proposed to camp for the time being in TsoKar for a totally extraordinary encounter. It is additionally a stunning spot for birds watching.

Place 26 – Lamayuru Town – Small And Magnificent

During your outing to Leh, take out a day to venture out to Lamayuru. The modest community is popular for its Lamayuru Monastery. It is accepted that a stretch of land is acquired from the moon. Investigate the tasteful fresco artworks which are likewise found in the places of local people.

Place 27 – Sankar Gompa – Get A View Of The Hills

SankarGompa (Sankar Monastery) is found 6 km from Leh. It is a lovely cloister situated in the primary city of Ladakh. It is accepted to be a part of the customary Spituk Monastery. The directing head or Lama is the same while there are 20 different priests who dwell here to gain proficiency with the way of life of Buddhism. The SankarGompa is likewise the living arrangement of the Abbot of Spituk, adding to its strict significance. Visit SamkarGompa to get a perspective on NamgyalTsemo Hills from the cloister.

Place 28 – DhaHanu – Home ToDrokpa Tribe

DhaHanu is generally the names of two towns – Dha and Hanu. They are a couple among those towns which are home to individuals of Drokpa clan. In the event that you are truly quick to find the way of life of the clan here, it is a superb spot to visit. The Drokpa clans are known for utilizing unmistakable head riggings and adornments in their clothing.

Place 29 – DhaHanu – Home ToDrokpa Tribe

An interesting town, Nyoma is situated in the locale of Leh, 370 km from Srinagar. The most striking quality of Nyoma is that it is situated on the Indus banks. On the off chance that you have a license of inward line, you can likewise visit the little Buddhist cloister in the town which is known as Gompa.

Place 30 – Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary – An Isolated Place

Situated at a tallness of around 4000-9000 feet, Changtang natural life asylum is a disconnected untamed life haven that offers noteworthy perspectives from the top. There are a wide scope of blossoms, plants, and creatures here. It additionally comprises of the most elevated lakes – TsoMoriri, Pangong Tso, and Tso Kar. The Korzok Monastery is additionally another primary element here.

Place 31 – Corridor Of Fame – Salute The Martyrs

Corridor of Fame is a gallery committed to each one of those warriors who battled in the Indo-Pakistan war and relinquished their lives for the nation. The bold demonstration has been instilled in the photograph outlines that are holding tight the dividers of the historical center and will reveal to you the narrative of their grit. Aside from that, there are arms and civilities utilized by the officers. It is perhaps the best spot to visit in Ladakh.

Place 32 – Rohtang Pass – Built For Adventure Seekers

Phugtal Monastery is built around and inside an empty cavern. Its strange area and structure makes it one of the most captivating destinations for guests. It is situated in the south-east piece of Zanskar district in Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir. It is a segregated religious community and stays concealed a long way from the city. One of the one of a kind highlights is that the water of the cavern stays streaming at the same pace independent of the water running outside. The water is additionally accepted to have restorative forces.

Place 33 -Lachulung La – A Breathtaking Route

Lachulung La is a pass that is arranged at a height of 5059 m above ocean level. It is viewed as amazingly perilous with that much tallness and is on the fringe of Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir. It additionally isolates the valleys of Tsarap Chu and Tozay.

Place 34 – Tanglang La – For Thrill-Seeking Adventure

Once more, it’s a high mountain pass that is a most loved frequent for some sightseers who drop by for the stunning perspectives and the rush looking for experience. It is arranged 5328 m above ocean level and stances as a rush looking for experience for the individuals who are keen on making the ascension.

Place 35- Mulbekh Monastery – A Pristine Location

Comprising of two gompas, it is situated at an unblemished area which is around 260 km from Leh town. The two gompas, in particular, Drukpa and one Gelugpa Buddhist religious community are an engineering wonder.

Place 36 -Gol Market – Buy Traditional Apparel

Gol Market is a market in Ladakh where one can purchase woolen garments and other general things required for outdoors. It is an incredible spot to purchase gifts too as one can discover weaved Ladakhi work and collectibles here.

Place 37- Focal Asian Museum – Shows The Silk Routes

The Central Asian Museum is one of the top places in Ladakh. It is a tightened four-story stone pinnacle motivated from the Lhasa engineering and found near the Main Bazaar. The historical center grandstands exchange done utilizing the Silk course – Ladakh, Yarkand, Turkestan, Baltistan, Tibet and China. The exhibition hall is situated in a patio alongside a conventional Ladakhi show-kitchen and the most seasoned mosque, Masjid Sharif in Leh. The complex is additionally renowned for the 500-year old consecrated tree otherwise called the Datun Sahib.

Place 38 – Leh Donkey Sanctuary – A Rare Exhibit

We concur, it isn’t one of the best places to see in Ladakh, be that as it may, the asylum bolsters a gigantic populace of stray jackasses. As populace rose, houses worked in Ladakh, creatures, for example, jackasses became strays on a customary basis.In 2007, the haven was begun with the possibility of not leaving a solitary jackass adrift and to deal with food, drugs and a legitimate natural surroundings for jackasses. It probably won’t be each traveler’s optimal fascination yet extraordinary compared to other Ladakh vacationer places for creature sweethearts and specialists.

Place 39 – Panamik Village – A Scenic Destination

Where the grasses are green, the mountains are white and the waters are clear, is a superb spot, additionally called as the Panamik town, one of the most delightful spots to visit in Ladakh. Set by the side of the Nubrariver, Panamik is generally famous for its remedial underground aquifers. The town additionally goes about as a base for trip to EnsaGompa, which is just about a multi year old journey.

Place 40- Zorawar Fort – With A History Of Victory And Conquest

The Zorawar Fort denotes the triumph for General Zorawar Singh, who vanquished Ladakh. To celebrate his triumph, he assembled this stronghold in 1930 disregarding the slopes and the mountain city of Leh. On the off chance that you need to investigate astonishing design, at that point the Zorawar fortress is perhaps the best spot to visit in Ladakh. The post’s structure is produced using neighborhood mud, some sun-dried blocks, stones and wooden edges pivoted around the edges.

Place 41 – Tiger Hill – A Significant Mountain

Tiger Hill is perhaps the most noteworthy spot to see in Ladakh situated in the Kargil part. The slope holds tremendous significance to the Indo-Pak war of 1999. The sight from the head of the slope is only wonderful with a perspective on the valley, the giant mountain and imprints a chilly atmosphere consistently.

Monthly Weather in Leh Ladakh


Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January -15°/ -23° 1 days
February -14°/ -24° 0 days
March -9°/ -19° 3 days
April -4°/ -14° 3 days
May -1°/ -10° 3 days
June 2°/ -6° 6 days
July 7°/ 1° 4 days
August 7°/ 1° 8 days
September 4°/ -2° 3 days
October -4°/ -10° 2 days
November -8°/ -15° 1 days
December -15°/ -23° 0 days

How to reach?

Leh has an airport that remains connected by direct flights from Delhi and Srinagar. You will find several flights and trains from every corner of India and the world to reach Delhi to catch a flight to Leh. If a road trip is what excites you more, take the Srinagar-Leh highway to reach Leh, exploring the inexplicable beauty of the mountains.

In a nutshell…

Ladakh is not all about snow peaks, sunrises, sunsets, and hill blossoms. Ladakh is a mystery that gets unfolded at every step. Hence, if you are planning for a trip to the mountains, Ladakhis one of the best choices that may turn your perspective towards the mountains forever.And we, at Travels Paradise, can bet on that!