When someone says ‘Diwali,’ what’s the primary thing that involves the mind? Surely, it’s the twinkling of diyas and firecrackers bursting and whizzing through the air. it’s a tragic truth that folks rarely stop to believe a Diwali that’s not all about lighting crackers or sparklers, which indeed adds tons to the pollution fiasco. Just last year, the Central Pollution control panel reported that the cities of Lucknow, Patna, and Delhi had the worst air quality during Diwali, and this year the situations are expected to be even worse. So, why not start the change from us and encourage our youngsters to decorate up lives instead of lighting crackers?

We, at Travel Blogger, always believed that we are our children’s greatest guides. When we, their mentors, and you, their parents, close to deliver the message to them that Diwali doesn’t need to be all about crackers, the young ones would surely attend . After all, there’s no greater joy than sharing and caring for others, and Diwali is that the perfect time to deliver this lesson to our youngsters .

The Joy of Giving: Dedicating Diwali for the Less Fortunate

This Diwali, take your child to an orphanage and let him help the underprivileged by distributing sweets and garments. We believe that this is often the simplest way of teaching your young one that the enjoyment of giving selflessly to the less fortunate are some things that no crackers can bring. By encouraging your child to try to to this, you’ll not only be bringing smiles to those little lives but also enlightening your baby on a far better view of life.

Sharing Happiness: Spending Diwali at an adulthood Home

Growing up, we’ve all heard our elders’ remark that happiness is supposed to be shared. it’s now time for us to point out truth meaning of these words to our youngsters. After all, festivals are all about spending quality time together with your near and dear ones. And so, spending time with those that don’t have their loved ones visiting them is usually an honest idea. So, ask your children to ditch the crackers at this point and take them to go to your nearest adulthood home.

All lives matter: Taking Care of our Four-Legged Friends

Regardless of whether you’ve got pets within the house or not, the plight of our four-legged friends surely doesn’t go unnoticed by you. The dogs and cats have a very hard time during the festival due to the high decibel sounds of the firecrackers. we might suggest that you simply enlighten your child about the difficulty faced by the animals, and within the process, explain how all lives matter. While your child understands the necessity to prevent bursting crackers, ask him to also assist you to give shelter to the strays within the area in your garage or any shed, if possible.

Saying No to Pollution: Devoting Diwali to the Environment

The ill-effects of pollution affect all lives, even those who are bursting it. We cannot ask our youngsters to prevent engaging in any activity that causes environmental pollution then allows them to burst firecrackers. So, it’s time to show them about how Mother Earth suffers from pollution on Diwali, and thus, encourage them to mention no to crackers.

We, at Travel Paradise, believe that while we should always definitely teach children about valuable customs and traditions, saying no to crackers is merely getting to do more good. However, the very fact is that any values and teach the youngsters can only be enforced when parents echo an equivalent lessons reception. Thus, while we continually teach them about saying no to crackers, we would like your support and help in ensuring the message is known by the young buds. And, once we are ready to help them understand the necessity to form the planet a far better place for others, this is often the message they’re going to deliver to their future generations also. Someday we will hope to ascertain a Diwali which will be only lighted by happy smiles and humble gestures.

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