This was my first Barbeque nation experience in my life. I went there on 1st January with my family and the place was packed with people.

Since I have been only to the Delhi outlet of theirs, I shall review that particular place.

One of the best tandoor starters and desserts I have had in Ahmedabad so far is at this place.

The restaurant at first glance looks pretty inviting. Barbeque nation a nice typical ambiance and a decently sized inside seating area. There was quite a good crowd around. Live Music was adding beauty to the atmosphere. We were greeted there by the staff.

Here comes the main part, Food! Delicious tandoori chicken/paneer starter, refreshing drinks & some other mix starters(including Prawns, Mutton seekh kebabs) made our evening!

The main course was a bit disappointing. You feel like you had a starter at some nice 5-star hotel and the main course at some ordinary place. Chinese was ok…not impressive! Substandard quality is the best word to define their main course.

We gorged on the Barbequed starters for the most part of the evening.

After the main course again desserts were almost happy meal ending. Various varieties of desserts were delicious. From heaven-like Cheesecake to our very own Indian lip-smacking sweetness like Gulab Jamun, Imarti, etc.

The desserts are also great, with the cheesecake, black forests, kulfi, ice cream, jalebis, gulab jamun, etc, you get a wide variety for those with a sweet tooth.
Apparently, Barbeque Nation has a tradition of ‘celebrating’ the birthdays of its patrons. There was a birthday party group seated in the restaurant. A bevy of staff accompanied by desi drums would come chanting and singing to wish the birthday person of the group. Not very classy if you ask. But it’s a surprisingly nice change from the usual.

Although if you are looking for a pleasant quiet place with someone to Singing to peacefully. you would possibly wanna choose a special place due to the constant singing(He’s an excellent singer though, was singing ‘Yellow’ by Coldplay once I walked in). Just a tip to the owners of the joint(if somehow they read this)- it might be better if the location of the ‘live music’ section was a touch away.

The hospitality is also amazing. The service personnel is very humble, jolly, and very helpful.

Must try if you have not visited so far!

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